Select Dismantiling Corp. operates modern and well maintained equipment including mobile shears and demolition cranes to 220 feet. Our fleet covers all areas of demolition equipment with separate attachments to support an ever changing work environment. Our fleet of equipment includes Grapples, Scrap Magnets, Pulverizers, Rock and Concrete Buckets and Hammers.

Our clients can count on Select Dismantling Corp. to have the right tools for their job.


We know that environmental factors play a major role in plant operation. That's why we pride ourselves on the fact that when our equipment arrives on site, it does not pose any added liability due to poor maintenance.

Unlike many demolition companies who rent equipment on an as needed basis, Select Dismantling Corp. owns 100% of it's equipment. We inspect our equipment every shift. The result is a safer work environment for our employees along with your plant personnel.

Select Dismantling Corp.
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